One year ago today I started actually tracking what I was doing in terms of “manufactured” spending (MS).  Juggling a bunch of credit cards was getting tough, I couldn’t keep track of what spending was on which one, when statements closed and when payments were do.  So I created a spreadsheet.  I’m very pleased to announce that on that one year anniversary, my first year of TRULY entering the MS world, I can report:

$566,770 spent

562,746 miles and points earned

$966.99 cash back – NET – on the above

The above doesn’t include signup bonuses…. I roughly estimate those over the past year at an additional 750,000 or so miles and points… 

I’m currently sitting on “too many” miles and points (to the tune of about 1.3m), but I’m planning on burning a bunch via upcoming trips (Dubai, Norway, Caribbean)….. so I’ll be keeping the spending up!

This is one amazing hobby….